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Glory-Anne Jones, owner of euphoreje, is a wife, a mother, artist, author, and speaker. 


Since 2005, she has worked as a leader and guide. She teaches others to weave strength, passion, courage and confidence into daily life. Glory-Anne helps people reunite with their inner selves. She reminds everyone to “take a moment, breathe, and step with purpose into one’s own power.”


In 2017 Glory-Anne joined Lisa K Brown to create Adventuring Souls. Glory-Anne’s roles include healing and creative workshops. Located in Latham NY, as a certified hypnotherapist, certified aromatherapist, and reiki master she blends many tools to help on multiple levels of awareness.


Her book, Kaleidoscope, first premiered at the 2018 Survivors’ Luncheon supporting women with breast cancer. As the keynote speaker, the energy in the room as she spoke filled with healing, compassion, and empathy. All the parts of being a woman were recognized. Leading by example, she reminded over 400 women to honor themselves and each other. 


Glory-Anne introduces the idea that one way of healing is not enough. The 2020 Kaleidoscope Program is a continuation of healing on many levels. As we heal ourselves, we allow others to heal as well. 

Where does the name euphoreje come from? 


euphoreje is a completely new word; one that doesn't have attachments. A word that you can make your own, define for yourself. It is a blending of euphoric, an adjective and energy, a noun.   


euphoric + energy = euphoreje yo͞oˈfôr-ə-jē


euphoric adjective

  1. characterized by or feeling intense excitement, happiness and well being.

energy noun

  1. ability to be active : the physical or mental strength that allows you to do things.

  2. the force or influence that gives something its vitality or strength.


Therefore, euphoreje loosely means intense happiness to be be active, to be alive. It is both a state of well being and doing at the same time. You define what makes you happy. You define how you live. You purposely take the steps that allow you to live in your power.

Glory-Anne Jones, Cht, CCA, Reiki Master