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30x30 Program

Level 1 

Discovery Phase

June 2020

Week 1 Introduction and goal setting
Week 2 
Overcoming self sabotage
Week 3
Breaking through toxic emotions
Week 4
Thought alignment and authorship
Week 5
Connecting with your why
Week 6
Connecting with your goal

Feeling into Success

6 sessions

throughout 2020


Week 1 Introduction and goal setting

Week 2 Overcoming self sabotage & toxic feelings

Week 3 Emotional alignment and authorship

Week 4 Connecting emotionally with your goal

Stress Less

6 sessions

throughout 2020


Week 1 Introduction to releasing 

Week 2 Anchoring in the present

Week 3 Overcoming toxic feelings

Week 4 Aligning to a new story

Level 2

Emotional Core & Restoration

coming late 2020

Military Session

PTSD Intervention

Coming soon

I Choose to Live Session

Suicide Intervention

Coming soon

Level 3

Quantum Potential

coming soon by invite only